Best Cooling Shirts for Hot Weather
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The Best Cooling Shirts for Hot Weather

During summer, cooling shirts are a must-have to beat the heat. Learn how to choose the best moisture-wicking work shirts to stay comfortable and protected from the sun.

Thanks to new apparel technology like Ariat’s VentTEK, ClimateTEK and FreshTEK, we can now optimize our clothing to meet the demands of the climate, even on the hottest days. Cooling shirts for men and women are purpose-designed to create clothes (and even footwear) that keep us cool in high heat and intense sun.

Browse our top recommendations for cooling shirts perfect for steamy summer weather.

Cooling Shirts for Men

Best Breathable Shirts

A top cooling shirt contender is the VentTEK Classic Fit Shirt from the Ariat Heat Series. With a sleek, timeless design and VentTEK Technology, this shirt is made from lightweight woven fabric that dries quickly. The extended breathable mesh yoke lets in the breeze so your skin can breathe, no matter the weather.

If you’re looking for long sleeve shirts that keep you cool in the sun, the VentTEK Outbound Classic Fit shirt is a top selection. This shirt features built-in Moisture Movement Technology (MMT) and VentTEK panels so you’ll stay dry and cool.

The Rebar Made Tough VentTEK Durastretch Work Shirt is also ideal for working in hot weather. Among men’s button-down shirts, this one has it all. Not only does it look sharp and feature MMT to keep you dry, but it also encourages airflow with VentTEK vented panels.

Additional Cooling Technologies

In addition to VentTEK, Ariat’s ClimateTEK is a dynamic, rapid cooling technology that automatically reacts to changes in your body temperature, keeping you cool when things heat up and comfortable when you’re at rest.

Many of our shirts also feature FreshTEK, an odor-resistant finish that inhibits the growth of bacterial odors to keep you smelling fresh. You can find each of these intelligent features, plus our Moisture Movement Technology that wicks away sweat, in stylish collared shirts like our Ambition Polo.

For full-on cooling, consider pairing these shirts with VentTEK boots — we think they’re the best summer work boots for hot weather.

Cooling Shirts for Women

Best Breathable Shirts

Breathable shirts in hot weather are a must. The VentTEK Stretch shirt is an ultra-lightweight knit with an integrated intelligent cooling system for maximum breathability. VentTEK’s body mapping properties regulate temperature through strategic air flow. This shirt also features FreshTEK for odor resistance and is available in several attractive prints and solid colors.

Additional Cooling Technologies

Our women’s tops come in various styles and designs that bridge the gap between fashion and function. The Sunstopper 2.0 1/4 Zip Baselayer is a crowd favorite. This long-sleeve quarter zip has a fitted look but works hard to keep you cool and protect you from the sun. The Sunstopper 2.0 is fully loaded with Moisture Movement Technology to keep you dry, as well as Sun Protection Fabric™ (UPF 45) and ClimateTEK for temperature-regulated cooling. It comes in an array of colors and patterns; you can have one for every day of the week.

Four more questions to consider when selecting a cooling shirt:

What do you wear in extreme heat?

In scorching heat, your biggest concern is the intensity of the sun. Shirts that keep you cool in extreme weather include lightweight short-sleeve or long-sleeve shirts that protect your skin from overexposure. Even better are cooling shirts with built-in climate controls, like MMT and VentTEK panels designed to keep you cool.

What does moisture wicking mean?

You’re not alone if you’ve wondered, “what are moisture-wicking shirts made of?” Since they’re relatively new to the market, there’s still uncertainty around moisture-wicking products and how exactly they keep you cool.

Typically made from synthetic fibers, moisture-wicking fabrics quickly dry while drawing sweat away from your body. Instead of a material like cotton that absorbs fluids, moisture-wicking work shirts repel sweat and allow you to stay dry. As you continue to sweat — and that sweat is drawn away — your body can cool faster.

Pro Tip: Read the care label for your cooling shirt. Don’t treat moisture-wicking fabrics with fabric softener — it can interfere with the finish on the fiber.

What type of shirt is the coolest?

The best cooling shirts for hot weather feature vents to increase airflow. Look for breathable, lightweight shirts with VentTEK and moisture-wicking technology.

What is the coolest material for shirts?

Although cotton and linen are light and easy to wear in the heat, synthetic materials like nylon, polyester and even wool blends are generally the top choices for cooling shirts. Another bonus? These types of materials do an excellent job of hiding sweat. Although absorbent fabrics like cotton can be lightweight, they don’t repel water and can stay wet for a long time, in addition to showing sweat stains.

Now that you’ve gotten the rundown on cooling down, shop for a shirt that will work for you this summer! Search our online collection or visit your nearest Brand Shop to discover the best cooling shirts for men and women.

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