Country Coats & Jackets Style Guide

Whether you prefer traditional British country style or favour a more modern vibe, check out Ariat’s guide to finding and styling country coats and jackets.

From classic quilted jackets to modern parkas, finding the perfect country coat can be tricky. There is so much to consider – your own personal style, the weather, the activities you’re wearing it for, and more. If you’re layering up for winter, you will need to consider how to achieve the best fit for your country jacket. However, in summer you may need to shop around for a lightweight option. With so much to consider, luckily for you Ariat has an expert style guide for country coats and jackets.

Finding the Best Women’s Country Outerwear

British Country style is practical and comfortable, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t also be sophisticated and fashionable too. One of the simplest – and most often, necessary – ways to accessorise your country attire is with coats and jackets that complement your look, whilst also protecting you from the elements. Finding the right country outerwear that brings together country design and weather-resistance can be tricky, but Ariat can guide you through finding the right country coats and jackets.

When you’re outdoors hiking, shooting, or picnicking, you can’t go wrong with an insulated jacket. This is a particularly versatile wardrobe option, as you can find insulated jackets in a traditional quilted design, as well as more contemporary puffer style jackets. Both offer extra warmth on cold days, as well as weather-resistance to keep you dry in wind and rain. This makes them a perfect option for the unpredictable British weather, especially through the winter months.

The Ariat Redwood Jacket is a sleek, modern insulated jacket that pairs perfectly with a country wardrobe. Whether you’re stepping out in jeans for a casual Sunday morning or pairing it with wellington boots and leggings for an active day outdoors, this fashionable jacket offers lightweight warmth and keeps you dry.

Gilets are also just as important for women’s country wardrobes. They offer great freedom of movement whilst still maximising warmth and insulation, plus they pair well with a wide range of country styles.

Add this staple to a classy shirt and a pair of jeans for an elegant dressed-down look, or layer with sweatshirts and jumpers for a cosy outdoor outfit. One of our favourite gilets from the Ariat collection is the Woodside Gilet, available in a range of colours. The quilted design evokes classic country attire whilst also working hard to keep you warm at your core.

For an effortlessly modern look that will fit into any country lookbook, why not try a shirt jacket? These lightweight designs offer a contemporary take on traditional British country style, with tailored design and a casual vibe. Designed to add an extra layer of warmth, perfect for transitional weather, you can’t go wrong. The Ariat Ashford Shirt Jacket is a great example of a versatile shirt jacket.

Finding the Best Men’s Country Outerwear

Country life can take you in two very different directions, and it is important to be ready to look your best whichever way your day goes. For more formal occasions, like country weddings or major country life events, you will need a well-designed wardrobe of smart country clothing. For casual, everyday wear, you may prefer to choose weatherproof, practical outerwear designed to keep you protected first and stylish second.

A certified classic men’s country jacket style is the waterproof cotton jacket. Offering some weather protection while also fitting comfortably and pairing well with country neutrals, it is a traditional country wardrobe item that most people like to have in their collection.

For more modern country clothing, you could opt for a gilet or shirt jacket. Gilets are ideal for offering men a little bit more flexibility and freedom of movement whilst exploring the countryside. Whether you’re shooting, walking the dog, or getting out and about in chilly weather, a gilet may be the perfect extra layer to add style, sophistication, and a little bit of extra insulation to your country outfit.

If you prefer gilets with a more traditional country aesthetic, the cotton Argentium Insulated Gilet is well-suited to a classic country wardrobe. However, with water-repellent technology and lightweight warmth, it is also practical!

Casual country jackets are another popular option when it comes to men’s country outerwear. This ranges from parkas to shirt jackets, all aiming to offer you weather protection and style without being restrictive. You can usually find parkas and field jackets in country palettes, like dark greens and neutrals, so they can be easily paired with a wide variety of items.

The Ariat Calumet Field Jacket is a popular country jacket from our collection; it matches weather-resistance and comfort with timeless, smart country styling.