Product Information and Care

Product Care

Apparel Care FAQ’s:

  • Down Jacket / Vest Washing Instructions - When washing a Down product, we recommend that you tumble dry the garment with either tumble dryer balls or tennis balls to fluff up the down. If you do not have a tumble dryer, ensure that the garment is completely dry and shake to fluff up the down.
  • Technical Clothing – Washing Instructions o We do not recommend using fabric conditioner on our technical clothing styles. This will reduce the breathability and moisture wicking functionality of the garment.

Footwear Care FAQ’s:

  • Leather Care - To ensure your boots last, we would recommend cleaning and treating your boots regularly. For more information, our How To guides provide step by step instructions for different materials and styles:

Accessories Care FAQ’s:

  • Care Products - If the trigger head on a bottle of leather care product becomes blocked, unscrew and remove the trigger head from the container. Immerse in warm water. After a minute, pump the trigger under the water to clear the pipe and mechanism fully. Then return it to the product container.