Product Information and Care

Sizing and Fit

Where can I find size charts?

Size charts for English Riding and County Boots are available on product pages under ‘Size Guides’. This information can also be found here.

What sizes are displayed in the size drop-down on the product page?

The sizes displayed are dependent on the country you have selected through the country selector.

The following size scales are displayed:

United Kingdom: UK Size

All other European countries: EU Size

How can I tell if my boots fit properly?

Remove the footbed from the boot and place your foot from heel to toe on the footbed. If you can place your thumb at the end of the toe area this should ensure a proper fit. This will mean that the boots are not too long but allow for enough slippage in the heel.

Measuring children’s boots

When fitting for children's boots, you should have at least a "thumb's width" or 1/2 inch of growing room in the toe. Don't buy a boot that is more than 3/4 inch too long or the child may trip over the extra length while running. Ariat’s youth styles feature ‘Wiggle Room’ which has an extra thin insole that can be removed to provide a little bit of extra room for growing feet to extend the life of the boots.

How to Fit Guides:

We have a number of fitting guides to help you choose the correct size products in our How To’s section in Ariat Life.