Style Guide: Best Competition Riding Clothes

Riding competitions can have pretty strict regulations when it comes to competition clothing. This can vary from discipline to discipline, and across the levels that you can compete within.

From show shirts and jackets to breeches and riding tights, we’ve put together a style guide to the best competition riding clothes to help you face your next competition in style and with confidence.

Best Competition Riding Clothes for Show Jumping

Show jumping is an equestrian event where the horse and rider are required to jump a series of hurdles and other obstacles, usually within a set time limit, scoring penalty points for any faults they make.

When it comes to competition riding clothes for this discipline, some regulations that need to be met include:

Lightly Coloured Breeches

In the discipline of show jumping, more often than not, riders are required to wear lightly coloured breeches to compete in; ideally, white breeches. As well as being traditional, this creates a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic for athletes. These Tri Factor Grip Full Set Breeches in white are perfect for competing; with compression fabric, they’ll keep you cool under pressure with temperature regulating technology. Silicone grips also help to boost your performance in the saddle.

White Show Shirt

A white show shirt is required for show jumping competitions. These must have either a closed choker collar or a wrap-neck collar. You can also wear a show shirt that has a white bib front, just as long as your shirt looks white under the jacket. We recommend a super flexible fabric so that you have no restrictions on your movement. Try our Luxe Show Shirt for a clean, sharp look; the poplin front gives an elegant finish to elevate your horse riding competition clothes.

Show Jacket

Slip on a smart show jacket to finish off your look. Most competitions require these to be darker in colour. The Galatea Show Coat is a perfect choice, coming in black and dark blue. We’ve designed it with stretchy fabric to keep you moving freely.

Tall Field or Dress Boots

Tall field or dress boots are typically required to be black. We have a range of tall boots for you to choose from. Our Ravello Tall Riding Boot is a classic choice, designed with a sleek Spanish cut in soft Italian calf leather, helping you shine in the saddle.


When choosing your competition riding clothes for show jumping, your helmet can usually be any colour or pattern you wish. However, most riders will opt for a classic black look to maintain a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic. For women, hair should be neatly tucked away underneath your helmet, for both safety and appearance.

Best Competition Riding Clothes for Cross-Country

The discipline of cross-country equestrian riding and jumping is an endurance test where horse and rider will jump a number of fences across a longer, outdoor course.

When it comes to competition riding clothes for this discipline, there’s a far more relaxed dress code, but some regulations that need to be met include:

Sweater, Shirt, or Base Layer

This will ideally be long sleeved. Our Sunstopper Team 1/4 Zip Baselayer is designed with high-tech features to regulate your temperature when you’re riding, helping you to feel confident and collected when in the saddle.

Lightly Coloured Breeches

Once again, as with most disciplines, when cross-country racing you’re often required to wear lightly coloured breeches. Take these stylish light tan breeches with full seat grip – they’re designed to support core muscles, so they’re great for longer, endurance races in the saddle. Get them in white too!

Plain Tall Black Boots

When cross country riding, you’ll need to be wearing a pair of tall black boots, or a pair of half chaps paired with shorter riding boots to give the illusion of a long boot style. This not only gives you a sophisticated competition look, but also provides better support and comfort for longer periods of time in the saddle.

Body Vest

For protection, it’s a requirement to wear a body vest when riding in cross country competitions. Be aware that these will need to be British Equestrian Trade Association (BETA) approved to compete.


With no colour requirements you can choose whatever colour, pattern, or print you desire!

Our style guide should not only help you with the regular guidelines needed to dress appropriately for horse riding competitions, but also help you look your best too!

Best Competition Riding Clothes for Dressage

Dressage is a horse-riding discipline where riders are judged against a set of criteria on a range of movements and the performance of them within a four-sided arena.

When it comes to competition riding clothes for this discipline, some regulations that need to be met include:

White Breeches

Light-coloured breeches are always a necessity in dressage, and almost every time you’ll be required to wear all-white legwear. This helps to maintain a customary and sophisticated look across the competition – within an artistic equestrian discipline, looking elegant is key. Our Tri Factor Grip Knee Patch Breeches in white combine elegance and performance, having been expertly engineered to help you perform at your best.

White Show Shirt

As with show jumping, your competition riding clothes should include a classic white show shirt with an approved show collar; choker collar or a wrap-neck collar are usually required. Choose a polished, performance-ready option like the Sunstopper Long Sleeve Show Shirt, designed to keep you cool and dry under pressure.

White Stock Tie

A white stock tie is often paired with a white show shirt, giving you a seriously sophisticated look.

Show Jacket

Dressage competitions require a smart show jacket in black (most commonly) to finish off your look. The Artico Show Coat is a perfect choice. The ultra-light stretch fabric allows you to move freely, while hidden zippers create a clean, polished look, perfect for dressage.

Dressage Boots

Although you’ll find that many dressage events allow for field or dress boots, and very occasionally even gaiters, investing in some sleek dressage boots is your best bet for this discipline. Dressage boots are a stiffer, straighter fit, designed with a sleek aesthetic in mind – perfect for the artistic discipline that is dressage.

Black Helmet

A black helmet is required in dressage, unless stated otherwise; sometimes helmets must match your show jacket, so just watch out for the requirements!


Finally, a pair of elegant gloves should be worn to compete. Usually, these will need to be a light colour, like beige or light tan, or plain white.