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For the toughest of outdoor challenges, you need footwear that’s really up to the job – our range of men’s GORE-TEX boots can keep you dry, comfortable and supported at all times. For top-to-toe protection from the elements, pair with one of our thoughtfully engineered men's jackets.

Whether you’re working outdoors, in the field, all day, or hiking across difficult terrain, it’s important to ensure you’re equipped properly. Our selection of men’s GORE-TEX walking boots and men’s GORE-TEX hiking boots are built to cope with the wettest and coldest of British weather, and testing ground surfaces.

Men’s GORE-TEX boots are durable and rugged, providing increased stability and protection when confronted with muddy, slippery conditions, or steep and potentially treacherous ground. They’re also supremely comfortable. Some designs are fitted with extra insulation to maintain warmth for the wearer, as well as shock-absorbing elements to cushion the impact from rocky land.


While all the boots in the men’s GORE-TEX range are tailored for the outdoor lifestyle, you may want to consider your specific requirements before choosing your ideal pair.

Waterproof men’s GORE-TEX boots

Say goodbye to soggy socks and chilly toes when you invest in a pair of waterproof men’s GORE-TEX walking boots. The Skyline Summit GTX boot keeps you dry and warm when walking through puddles, low-lying waterlogged ground and in rainy British weather. Fitted with premium waterproof, breathable membrane construction, it’s made of full-grain leather with rugged nylon panels and has a mesh lining for added protection. It’s a low-cut style of men’s GORE-TEX walking boot, sitting just above the ankle. We have more waterproof men's boots here.

Outdoor men’s GORE-TEX boots

Though also providing waterproof qualities in abundance, our series of men’s GORE-TEX hiking boots are designed for those who spend lots of time in the Great British outdoors and therefore need footwear to match. There are several different designs available, including the Conquest Explore 8-inch GORE-TEX 400g Outdoor Boot, which has advanced stability and comfort, Thinsulate™ ultra insulation and breathable membrane construction. Other models include the Catalyst VX Defiant GORE-TEX Outdoor Boot, available in a stylish rugged bark colour and providing excellent traction and durability. There are two further variations in the Catalyst VX Defiant range; an 8-inch and 10-inch version, depending on how high up the calf you want your boot to sit.

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