Men's Farm Work Wear Style Guide

Staying comfortable in changing weather conditions is tricky, so finding the best outdoor workwear for farmers is crucial. Discover the essentials with Ariat.

For those of us who work outside on the farm, yard, or in the fields all day, it can be tricky to find the best clothing to help you tackle your work. It is crucial to stay comfortable, warm, and protected throughout your day, and how you do so can change from month to month as the seasons and weather conditions alter. This is why we have put together a men’s style guide for farm work wear to help you find the best outdoor workwear for farmers and outdoor workers.

Best Farm Work Wear Tops

Working outdoors means being ready for all kinds of weather. We know that summer doesn’t always necessarily come with warm, sunny conditions – nor does winter always bring snowy chills. It’s important to keep your core temperature regulated in order to stay fit and healthy for work, so finding the best farm work tops is absolutely key.

If you’re building out your outdoor work wear wardrobe, the key thing to remember with work tops is layering. If you create a practical collection of tops suitable for layering, you’ll be prepared no matter what the weather looks like outside.

Ariat’s Rebar Gridwork Baselayer 1/4 Zip Watch Window T-Shirt has been specifically designed with cold-weather layering in mind, but you can adapt it to any season depending on how you style it. This baselayer holds in heat, as well as featuring fabric designed for ultimate mobility. Best yet, the watch window allows you to keep an eye on the time without rolling up your sleeve.

Designed for easy summer wear, the Rebar Cotton Strong T-Shirt is the perfect work top for wearing alone in hot weather or underneath extra warm layers on chillier days. This t-shirt is designed with work in mind, evidenced by thoughtful features like the drop tail hem and hidden pen slot.

Best Farm Work Trousers & Jeans

Durability is perhaps the most important feature of work trousers for outdoor work, especially farm and yard work. Depending on the exact nature and requirements of your work, you might be looking for outdoor work trousers with secure pockets, with flexibility, or with reinforced panels. More so than tops and accessories, your work trousers and work denim jeans are an investment – so it’s best to find trustworthy trousers to rely on.

Outdoor work in the yard or on the farm can mean working in hazardous conditions and doing hard, manual work – so protection and support from your clothing is key. We recommend picking your work trousers based on their durability, comfort over an extended period of time (as workdays can be long), and practicality.

In terms of yard jeans, our favourite from the Ariat collection might have to be the Rebar M7 Slim DuraStretch Workhorse Straight Leg jeans. With a slim-leg design, they are stylish and contemporary whilst also packing a punch in terms of outdoor practicality. They have a range of utility pockets to add functional value, as well as being crafted with ToughMax fibers for ultra strong flexibility and durability.

If you prefer to wear cargo pants or utility pants for working, Ariat’s Rebar DuraStretch Ripstop Cargo Straight Leg pant is the ultimate practical design. The DuraStretch design lends the trousers excellent flexibility, and stretch panels boost this even more. With secure Velcro pockets, they’re a great work trouser.

Best Farm Hoodies & Sweatshirts

Warmth, weather-resistance, and secure pockets are some key features that you should be looking out for when shopping for men’s farm work hoodies and sweatshirts, to find those specifically designed for the needs of working outdoors through all seasons. Layering up can truly be a lifesaver for outdoor workers, so adding a few high-quality hoodies and sweatshirts to your collection is non-negotiable. Working outdoors can be tough, but the right layers can help make it easy.

For a workwear sweatshirt that will keep you warm and comfortable outdoors, the Rebar Workman Duracanvas 1/4 Zip Sweatshirt is an excellent option. It is mid-weight, meaning that it will retain warmth without weighing you down, and it has an understated style to it. Smart features like ribbed hems and a mock collar mean that it works as hard to keep you warm as you do in the yard. The secure phone pocket makes it extra practical.

If you prefer hoodies for working outdoors, check out the Rebar All-Weather Full Zip Hoodie. As the name suggests, Ariat have designed it specifically to keep you comfortable when working in any weather, all year round. The design is water repellent, features a fleece lining, and offers mobility around the arms – it is clear that it has been constructed with work in mind. Available in a few colours, this might be the perfect work hoodie for men.

Best Farm Work Coats & Jackets

The purpose of jackets and coats is primarily to keep you protected from harsh weather conditions, so durability should be your number one concern. If your coat is facing heavy rain, snow, and frost, then it needs to be designed and constructed with long-lasting quality to be a reliable jacket. Whatever the weather, you want to feel comfortable and protected in the right outerwear. The key features to keep an eye out for when shopping for farm and yard workwear, then, are durability, weather-resistance, and comfort.

We recommend the Rebar DuraCanvas Jacket from the Ariat collection thanks to its brilliant versatility. Available also with insulation, this jacket can keep the chill out on cold days whilst also being a reliable, lightweight layer in milder weather conditions. It is designed for comfort, with mobility features added in and designed with cosy sherpa lining. In terms of workwear practicality, you only have to note the durable ToughMax canvas fabric and range of secure pockets to appreciate its trusty practicality.

If you’re looking for the lightest of layers to keep on hand, look no further than the Rebar DuraStretch Utility Softshell Shirt Jacket. Designed in a stylish aesthetic that pairs perfectly with your workwear wardrobe, this shirt jacket is reinforced with water-repellent technology and DuraStretch fabric to make it the ultimate workwear jacket for men.