How To Fit Chaps For Riding

To ensure your new half chaps fit perfectly, follow these instructions for measuring and finding your size.

Fun fact: Ariat’s first-ever product was a paddock and chap riding system released in 1993. Read on to learn how to properly measure for and fit half chaps.

Here’s what you’ll need to fit half chaps:

  • The breeches/tights, socks, and boots that you normally ride in, or clothing that is similar to what you normally ride in
  • A flat, straight-backed chair
  • A flexible vinyl or cloth tape measure


How to Fit Chaps:

For greatest accuracy, we recommend having someone help you measure.

1. Wear the same breeches, socks, and boots that you wear when you ride (or at least similar to what you normally wear). This will help get the most accurate fit possible.

2. Sit down on a flat, sturdy chair. Your feet should rest flat on the floor and your legs should be at a 90-degree angle.



3. Measure around the widest part of your calf with the cloth/flexible tape measure and write down your width measurement (have someone help you with this if possible).



4. Finally, measure calf height from the floor to the back of your knee. Deduct your boot heel height from this measurement.


How Should Half Chaps Fit?

Initially, half chaps will fit snug around the calf and high on the back of the knee. As time goes on, half chaps will give and drop slightly. They may even be difficult to zip at first, but they will stretch over time.

Finding Your Ariat Half Chaps Size

Now that you have your measurements, it’s time to find your size on our Half Chaps Sizing Chart.

How to Find Your Ariat Half Chap Size:

First, find your calf measurement in the farthest left column. There may be multiple rows with your calf size.

Once you’ve found the row(s) with your correct calf side, find your Height measurement in the column to the right. After you have found the intersection of your calf and height measurements, that is your size.

What do these sizing letters mean? The sizes listed on the size chart are organized by Calf Size on a scale of XXS-XL. How do you know which Height size to choose? The size you got off the size chart may or may not include an extra letter other than the calf size

S = Short

M = Mid

T = Tall

No extra letter? Regular

*Note that Concord half chaps have their own section on the size chart below the main half chaps chart.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fitting Half Chaps

Should my half chaps feel tight?

When new, half chaps will feel snug around the calf, but over time they will stretch and loosen up and drop a bit.

Do Ariat’s Half Chaps Fit with Any Pair of Boots?

Ariat chaps are designed to fit most paddock boots. The larger the stretch panel that the chap style has, the more accommodating the fit will be. Some of our chap styles are designed to pair with specific paddock boots, using the same leather and design features for complete “look”, such as the Kendron and Ascent collections.