Dog Walking Style Essentials

Dog Walking Style Essentials

As a dog walker, you never know what the British weather is going to throw at you. So, investing in a versatile wardrobe full of stylish dog walking outfits and essentials, while making sure you’re prepared for, well… anything, is key.

When it comes to our dog walking attire guide, we’re assuming you’ve got your basic country tees, tights, joggers, or a flexible pair of durable jeans, and some comfy socks. But what other essential country style clothing do you need to get out walking? And how can you pair style and practicality perfectly? Here’s how…

Waterproof Jackets

The number one rule when dog walking: even if it’s sunny when you leave the house, is there’s no guarantee it’ll be sunny when you’re on your way back! So, we recommend bringing along a handy waterproof jacket – and you don’t need to compromise on style for this practicality.

When you’re out in the summertime and the weather is warm, a lightweight water-resistant jacket is perfect for keeping you cool and comfortable during your dog walk. Our Calumet Field Jacket is perfect. With its water-resistant properties and lightweight organic cotton blend, it also features snap closures to keep out the wind and rain if you’re caught in a shower. To stay cool, keep it light underneath the jacket – our organic cotton polos are perfect, featuring a light stretch in the fabric to keep you moving freely.

A more insulated waterproof jacket is one of our winter dog walking essentials to protect you from the cold-weather elements. And it doesn’t need to be heavy! Our Argentium Parka features lightweight insulation with storm cuffs and seam-sealed construction to help you battle the wintertime weather. The sleek, traditional design and soft suede feel makes it super stylish too. Or, our Ideal Down Jacket features a sophisticated fit and quilt styling with a water-repellent finish and reliable warmth, perfect for outdoor adventurers.

Warm Layers

You can never have too many layers, and you can always take them off if you get warm. Don’t be unprepared and get caught in a chill. From comfy knitted sweaters with attached hoods for extra warmth to country staple quilted gilets in stylish prints and patterns, you’ll stay snug whilst oozing countryside style.

Waterproof Trousers

Providing you with even more long-lasting weatherproof protection, you can’t go wrong with a pair of waterproof trousers. Great for battling the inevitable British rain and wind, you can find stylish options that are lightweight and slip straight on over your normal trousers – look for breathable materials to keep you comfortable.

Winter Accessories

Especially in winter, consider also investing in a good pair of gloves. Find maximum insulation with these Insulated Tek Grip Gloves, that also provide you with water resistance too. Equally, a super cosy beanie hat is another winter dog walking essential – our Venture H2O Cuff Beanie is also waterproof, so you won’t need to worry about the rain.

Comfortable Walking Boots

The best dog walking boots for walking the trails are sturdy, durable, and, most importantly, comfortable. Think about the weather conditions too. When it’s wet and muddy, you’ll need to make sure you’ve got plenty of grip on your walking boots to avoid slips. When it’s colder, look for insulated walking boots to keep you comfortable and warm.

The Best Boots for Muddy Dog Walks

When it’s wet and muddy, you want a sturdy boot to keep you comfortable and safe on the paths. Our Skyline mid waterproof boot provides you with just that. Its supportive design, paired with the Duratread outsole with a multi-directional traction design keeps you from sliding on uneven and slippery surfaces. Another option for less treacherous walks is a trusted rubber boot. Take our functional Kelmarsh Shortie Rubber Boot – easy to slip on with durable rubber construction and lightweight support and stability, these boots are guaranteed to keep your feet dry in wet weather conditions.

The Best Boots for Dog Walking in Winter

In winter, you want the same durability and stability, but with extra warmth and insulation. We have you covered. Put your best foot forward with our Wythburn II Waterproof Insulated Boot. We’ve designed them with high-quality insulation without the bulk, so they’re perfect for country life in the cold. The cosy faux shearling lining is designed to give you comfortable warmth throughout your walk, which is why we recommend them as a winter dog walking essential. What’s more, they’ll only add style to your stylish dog walking outfits. Pair these with a warming pair of merino wool socks to keep even more heat in.