Finding the Best Country Jacket Fit for You

To get the most out of your country jacket’s performance, getting the right fit is essential. Find out how to get the best fitting jacket with Ariat.

When looking for a country jacket, to get the most out of its performance, getting the right fit is essential. Finding the perfect fit can be tricky, so to save trying on hundreds of country coats and jackets, we’ve put together a guide for finding the best country jacket fit for you.

What do you wear to the English countryside?

When visiting or exploring the English countryside, you can’t go wrong with classic country clothing and outdoor gear. You’ll need to be prepared for the infamously unpredictable British weather that can throw anything at you, but while doing so why not lean into classic outdoor country style? This can include traditional earthy colours and long boots – take our Woodside jacket, or this insulated vest as inspiration – or more modern puffer jackets with sturdy hiking boots.

When in the countryside, an English country jacket is a must. Make the most of your jacket for embracing the British style, but look for wind and climate resistance, as well as temperature regulating fabrics so you’re prepared for wherever the day may take you. It’s always a good idea to think about the season too. During the summer months, look for lightweight options that are water-resistant to withstand summer showers. During the colder months, look for insulated styles with technology features designed to keep heat in.

How should your English country jacket fit?

If your jacket doesn’t fit quite right, you may lose some of its performance benefits, so it’s key to get the best fit possible.

The first thing to check is the sleeves. When trying on a jacket for size, look to see if the sleeves cover your wrists but don’t go past your thumbs. If your sleeves are falling short at the wrist, your jacket is a little small. If they’re reaching the end of your thumb, the jacket is too big.

Second thing you should feel for is if your jacket rides up. Test this by putting your arms above your head. Naturally, you’ll get a bit of lift, but if it’s riding up past your waist, your jacket probably isn’t long enough or big enough for you. Choose a jacket that allows ease of movement without restriction.

Finally, look to the shoulders of your coat. A country jacket that is too small for you will have restrictive shoulders, which may feel a little tight or get in the way of your freedom of movement. On the other hand, if the shoulders are too wide, you might look a little swamped. If you’re unsure about the fit of the shoulders, when you’re trying on your jacket, make sure the shoulder seams sit in line with your own shoulders. Alternatively, you can wrap your arms across your chest to hug yourself and check that this is comfortable.

Should my jacket be tight or loose?

If your jacket is too tight, it will most likely be a little uncomfortable, but if your jacket is too loose, you’ll probably find that you’re not feeling the benefits of insulation.

Especially when buying an insulated jacket, if you buy too small, the insulation will be less effective as you’ll be cutting off any room for air to circulate. But if you buy your insulated jacket too large, you’ll allow too much space for air to fill, making it drafty and undermining the insulative effects. Generally, your insulated jacket should feel snug, but not restricting.

Finally, when buying a jacket think carefully about your layering. There’s no point buying a jacket that fits snugly without jumpers and base layers. When you’re out and about in the countryside over winter, you will definitely want to layer up, so you need to make sure that your country coat is big enough to accommodate your jumpers.

Styling your Country Jacket

Once you’ve found a country jacket that fits perfectly, you’ll need to think about how to style it. There are so many ways you can emulate country style, from classic jeans and knitwear to leather boots and wellies when you’re out walking. But if one thing is certain, a country jacket is a must-have to complete any look. Check out our country coats and jackets style guide and find all the inspiration you need for staple country looks.