How to Stretch Your Cowboy Boots for the Ultimate Comfort

We’ve all had that brilliant feeling of buying a brand-new pair of Western boots and looking forward to wearing them. However, we’ve also all had that brand-new tight boot feeling too.

So, how can you get around this? There are plenty of ways to break in your boots before you start wearing them out and about. To make sure your feet stay comfortable and supported, even with new cowboy boots, check out Ariat’s guide on how to stretch, soften, and break in cowboy boots.

Why is it Important to Break in Your Cowboy Boots?

Traditional leather cowboy boots sometimes may need a little bit of TLC. With the proper care you can turn your Western boots into the comfortable, most reliable pair of boots in your collection. By properly caring for them, your boots should last you a long time. The first step is breaking your boots in with care.

How to Break in Your Cowboy Boots

  1. Double up on socks
  2. Use leather conditioner
  3. Use a boot stretcher
  4. Wear your boots around the house

Double up on socks:

It’s an age-old solution to an age-old problem; wear two pairs of socks the first few times you wear your Western boots. Not only does doubling up on your socks add an extra thickness to protect your skin from the un-softened leather, but it also helps with friction. Instead of the boots rubbing directly onto your ankle; when you wear two pairs of socks, the friction rubs the socks together protecting your feet!

For the best results, opt for one regular pair of cotton socks plus one pair of AriatTEK Performance Socks for a thicker, more supportive layer.

Use leather conditioner:

When you’re buying a high-quality pair of leather cowboy boots, it’s important to take proper care of them. Leather conditioner is the perfect way to look after your boots in the long term, as well as for softening cowboy boot leather. Using the right conditioner will soften the leather, resulting in a pair of Western boots that flexes with and accommodates your movement. Whether you’re stretching out a new pair of cowboy boots or simply looking after your old favourites, leather conditioner is a must-have.

Use a boot stretcher:

To keep it simple, you can buy a boot stretcher to – you guessed it – stretch your boots! Designed to stretch your boots in the same way that your foot would, but without you having to struggle through the first few wears, boot stretching devices are simple and effective. One drawback to this technique is that it will not stretch the boot to your unique foot shape. If you’re hoping to make the most of your Western boots for years to come, it might be a better option to try another method in order to make sure that the boots are stretched and shaped to your feet.

Wear your boots around the house:

Let’s end with a classic. One of the most sure-fire ways to break in leather cowboy boots is to wear them in short bursts around the house. This gives the leather a chance to soften gradually and to accommodate the shape of your feet, as well as giving you a chance to wear them in without running the risk of blisters after a long day of wear. After wearing your Western boots around the house a little, you will feel them starting to soften, so you might then choose to wear them for short periods out of the house.

Remember, breaking in and stretching your cowboy boots is a process. Your boots may not feel soft and comfy immediately, but with some time and work you can soften them to fit you perfectly for many years to come! Traditional leather cowboy boots are an investment – not only an investment of money, but of time and care too. Begin the process of caring for your Ariat leather Western boots by breaking them in properly.