Outdoor Workwear

How to Choose the Right Outdoor Workwear

Finding the best clothing for working outdoors can be tricky, with lots to consider. Join Ariat UK as we explore how to choose the right outdoor workwear.

Working outdoors can be tough to plan for – you face all kinds of weather, the work can be varied, and you need to make sure you’re staying safe. So, in unpredictable conditions, picking out the best outdoor workwear wardrobe is particularly important. If you’re not sure what makes good workwear or how to find the best workwear for you, Ariat is here to help with our guide on how to choose the right outdoor work clothing.

Find Safe Workwear

Working outdoors can mean a wide range of professions – perhaps you work on a farm or ranch, on construction sites, or maybe you’re a forester. Whatever your line of work, there will be safety requirements that you need to follow, so your construction clothing, farm work wear, and outdoor work clothes will need to meet certain requirements.

Though oversized clothing may be on trend, it is important to pick workwear that fits closely to your body. Excess fabric can get caught in tools, structures, or other hazards and cause danger. Ariat’s workwear designs are true-to-size, so you can select your usual clothing size and be confident that it will fit you safely and comfortably.

One of the most important items of clothing when it comes to keeping safe at work is your work boots. Many outdoor workers opt for steel toe work boots for maximum safety – as well as the steel toe protection, steel toe boots are usually designed with extra protective features. Some great safety features to look out for include slip resistance, waterproofing, and cushioned soles. Remember, these boots should be comfortable and fit well in addition to being safe

For more information on how to keep your boots in good condition, check out our guide on How to Care for Work Boots.

Find the Right Workwear for the Season

It may seem obvious, but you wouldn’t want to wear an insulated work jacket in the middle of the summer heat. So, finding the right workwear for the season and weather is key. Working outdoors can expose you to the elements all throughout the year, which means you need to be prepared for summer sun, winter frost, and year-round rain. There are some outdoor workwear essentials that can keep you protected from all kinds of weather, but you should invest in a range of wardrobe essentials that can be worn dependent on the weather you’re facing.

For colder weather, we recommend finding a suitably insulated workwear jacket. Working outside often requires freedom of movement, so flexible insulated jackets and hoodies can be a worthwhile investment to enable you to move more easily. If you’re layering up, sweatshirts, thermal tops, and fleeces add lightweight layers that add up to maximum warmth. Plus, layering allows you to remove or add items if the temperature changes throughout the day.

For warmer weather, breathable t-shirts are your best friend. The light fabric keeps you cool while you work, plus long sleeve options can keep your arms covered and more protected.

When wet weather hits, it is imperative for outdoor workers to have good quality, waterproof clothing, especially a waterproof coat or jacket. You can find insulated work coats for winter downpours, or a lightweight waterproof jacket will do the trick when protecting yourself from summer showers.

Find Durable Outdoor Workwear

As with any professional equipment, the best outdoor work clothes are the ones you can rely on for months and months, or even years and years! Working on the farm, ranch, or yard means facing the elements – which means your clothing and footwear needs to be tough to survive. Therefore, picking out durable outdoor workwear is crucial.

By choosing high-quality pieces, like the clothing and footwear from Ariat’s men’s workwear and women’s workwear ranges, you can be confident that your work wardrobe will be long-lasting. It is important to know how to take good care of quality garments, so always be sure to check the care instructions so as to ensure a long lifespan.

Find Workwear That Suits Your Style

Who says you shouldn’t look your best when working outside?! You might have an aesthetic code of conduct to follow based on your company’s handbook, or perhaps you just like to style your outfits well regardless of the occasion – either way, finding outdoor work clothing that suits your style is a step that you shouldn’t miss. After all, you’ll likely be wearing your workwear most days of the week.

Ariat is proud to offer ranges of men’s and women’s outdoor workwear that considers style as well as practicality. Our collection features soft, earthy tones as well as brighter colours, with colour palettes that can be easily mixed and matched. Our clothing is smart and well-fitted, with footwear that aligns with the safety regulations of most outdoor work businesses. Ariat’s workwear collection provides a great selection for building a smart, durable, and safe outdoor work wardrobe.