Finding the Best Riding Breeches for You

Any sport comes with a wide range of sportswear with different uses, fits, and styles – and riding is no exception. 

Finding the best breeches for riding can be complicated, but we are here to help make your decision easier. When it comes to shopping for the best riding breeches and horse riding tights, you can trust Ariat.

Good quality riding breeches for men and women must, first and foremost, be comfortable to ride in. With a performance-focused design, you can be sure your riding trousers will not get in the way of training or competing. Whatever your style, you can find great quality riding breeches that will keep you comfortable and protected as you ride.

Once you have a comfortable fit, you can think about your personal style and which breeches and tights suit you best. Each riding trouser has a slightly different use or occasion, so it’s important to know when to keep it formal and when you can show off your style.

Riding breeches, riding tights, or jodhpurs?

Though the differences are slight and subtle, there are key variations between the three main riding legwear options. So, which is best for you – riding breeches, riding tights, or jodhpurs?

Breeches are shorter than other riding legwear style, sitting just above the ankle, as they are designed to be worn with long riding boots. Riding breeches are more formal than riding tights or jodhpurs and tend to be worn for shows and competitions more than training.

Horse riding jodhpurs are very similar to riding breeches, but they extend to the ankle. This means that they tend to be worn with short riding boots. However, the extra fabric around the ankle can cause some discomfort if paired with long riding boots.

But what about riding tights? Designed with thinner fabric to be extra lightweight and breathable, riding tights are an excellent option for training and riding comfortably. However, they are not generally worn in competition, so if you’re looking for formal riding trousers, you’d be better with riding breeches.

How should riding breeches fit?

The best fit for riding breeches is a combination of snug and comfortable. Finding the perfect balance and the right fit for your body means that you will be able to move freely and be uninhibited whilst riding, while still feeling secure and safe.

Though appearance can be significant for competing, it is important to remember that riding breeches are sportswear. This means that free, safe movement is the priority in finding the best-fitting riding breeches. A snug fit is best for avoiding wrinkles, which can create friction on your skin as you ride and become incredibly uncomfortable. So not only do wrinkles and gathers in your riding breeches detract from your tailored appearance, but they can also cause practical issues in your riding.

Aesthetically, the hem of the breeches should sit slightly above your ankles – but you can adapt this to suit your comfort and personal preference. With the correct snug fit, your riding breeches should comfortably stay put – if your breeches don’t fit perfectly then the end of the trouser leg might move around as you ride, which can cause friction and disturb the tailored appearance.

Finding the best riding breeches and tights

The aesthetic purpose is probably more important with riding breeches than riding tights or jodhpurs, as they tend to be worn competitively rather than casually. So although you don’t want to get too caught up in the fashion, you might be a little more particular in finding riding breeches that suit your style. An Ariat favourite is our Tri Factor riding breeches, featuring a full seat grip, as well as moisture and temperature control technology. The smart, formal design with faux back pockets makes them suitable for competing, with hidden technology to make sure your ride is as comfortable as possible.

When it comes to riding tights, one of the most appealing features is a good grip. Ariat prioritises comfort and practicality in all our riding breeches and tights, so whether you choose Ariat legwear with full seat, half grip, or knee patch grips, you can be sure that your ride will be safe, sturdy, and comfortable.

The Ariat Eos Full Seat Tight is a great example of riding tights with a full seat, in silicone, for the ultimate grip in the saddle. Riding tights are long-standing favourites simply because they make your ride more comfortable and allow you to perform better. Riding tights with a breathable and lightweight design is a great place to start – with a sports-focused style, you can be sure that your riding tights will enable you to perform at your best.