How Should Cowgirl Boots Fit?

Learn how to fit cowgirl boots and find the perfect size. In this how-to, you'll find out how cowgirl boots should fit and which toe shape you should choose. You'll also learn how to fit cowgirl boots and find the perfect size.

Whether it’s your first pair of cowgirl boots or your tenth, it’s important to make sure you get the right fit. Here’s how to fit your cowgirl boots:


1. Use the tabs and pull holes at the top of the boot to pull it onto your foot. You’ll feel a slight resistance and hear a faint popping noise as your foot goes into the boot.


2. You should feel a slight amount of pressure across the top your foot (above your arch).

3. There should also be a very slight amount of heel lift (space between your heel and the insole of the boot) to allow for proper gait.


4. Next, use your thumb to check the distance between your big toe and the end of the boot by turning your thumb sideways and placing at the end of your big toe. If your sideways thumb fits between the tip of your toes and the end of the toe box, then you know your boots fit.


How Should Cowgirl Boots Fit and Feel on Your Feet?

It’s important not to get boots that are too small, but remember that you will feel slight pressure across the top of your foot and some resistance when you pull on the boot. If at any point it starts to feel tight and uncomfortable, beyond a slight pressure, then your boots may be too small. Or if you feel no pressure at all and experience a lot of heel lift (space between your heel and the insole), then your boot may be too big. Don't forget to use a sideways thumb to check the distance between the edge of your big toes and the end of the boot.

What Toe Shape Should I Get?

Your choice in cowgirl boot toe shape depends on the occasion, your outfit, and your own personal style. There’s no right or wrong toe shape, but here are some of our suggestions:

For a Country Music Concert or Festival, a round toe cowgirl boot is a great choice, such as an R toe, almond toe, or even snip toe with an X or D shape.

Going for a ride or watching a rodeo? A square toe boot is the way to go.

If you’re going dancing, try an R toe or snip toe (a less rounded style then what you’d wear to a concert or music festival). Leather sole boots are also great for dancing. They help you glide along the dance floor!

Ariat offers a variety of styles and sizes, plus a free returns policy to ensure the correct fit. Looking to find your first pair of cowgirl boots? Try the Round Up Ryder or the Heritage R Toe for a comfortable and versatile pair.