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How to Take Care of Wellington Boots

Wellington boots can last you a long time, but only if cared for properly. See our wellington boot care tips to help you get the most out of them at Ariat.

Wellington boots can last you a long time if cared for properly. They’re going to go through some wear and tear, from mud and dirt to water and dust, but they’re there to keep you clean and dry. So, it’s worth giving them a little TLC.

Caring for your boots properly is important to prolonging the life of your wellies. Without proper care, the rubber can dry out, harden, and even crack. Other common damages include heels splitting from taking off your wellies incorrectly, as well as heat damage from direct sunlight.

Here are some of our wellington boot care tips:

  1. Remove your wellington boots correctly.
  2. Clean them after every use (only quickly).
  3. Airdry them in a clean and dry space.
  4. Store them correctly.
  5. Think about investing in a boot bag.
  6. Use preventative protective sprays.
  7. Know when it’s time to change them up.

Let’s take a deeper look into how to care for your wellington boots.

Removing Boots

First things first, removing your wellington boots properly can seriously lengthen their lifetime. When you’re back home and dry, after a long walk, it’s important to gently remove your wellington boots with your hands, or even better, invest in a boot jack to help slip off your wellies more easily without having to touch the soles. The crucial thing is (and we’re all guilty of it) to avoid stepping on the back of your wellington boots when taking them off. This technique will put stress on the heel of the boot, and you’ll weaken the rubber, which could lead to it splitting.


Cleaning your wellies after every use can avoid the mucky build up. First, make sure you brush or wipe off all of the excess dirt immediately after you have taken them off to avoid the colour fading and wet dirt is easier to clean. Then take some lukewarm or cold soapy water and a cloth and gently wipe your rubber boots until they’re sparkling clean. Our top tip is to focus on the zips and buckles. Make sure to target them when cleaning to avoid dry mud getting stuck in them or the metal rusting. We also recommend occasionally spraying them with oil to keep them loose and storing them with the zips done up.


Once you’re done with the quick clean, make sure you leave them out to airdry. Avoid excessive heat to dry your rubber boots, as this will damage them. If you’ve got the insides a little damp, crumpled newspaper is an easy and simple way of getting them to dry quickly. Once they’re dry, you can also give your boots a little buff with a brush to keep them in their glory and looking new.


Don’t underestimate the power of storing your boots correctly. It can really help to keep your boots in good condition. We recommend storing your wellies away from direct sunlight, in a cool and dry place. Avoid the outside shed if you can – an inside boot room or cupboard is much better for your boots.

Boot Bag

You might want to invest in a boot bag for storing your wellies – especially if you’re storing them outside. This allows you to keep your boots dry and away from any elements that might damage the rubber. They also help to regulate temperature and avoid damages including discolouration and the rubber cracking.


When thinking about wellington boot care, think for the future. The best way to get more life out of your wellies is to use preventative solutions, like protective sprays. You can get silicone sprays and other rubber protectors to help keep your boots in the best condition they can be and provide a protective barrier again water, mud, and even air damaging the rubber.

Know when it’s time to say goodbye

Sometimes, it’s time to chuck your favourite pair of wellington boots out and get some new ones. It can be a sad day, but we have some super stylish wellingtons that offer all-day-long protection and comfort. From fashionable shortie styles, like our Kelmarsh Shortie Rubber Boot, to elegant leather detailed long boots like the Burford Waterproof Rubber Boot, and even mid lengths, we have a style to suit you.

We also have a range of other practical but stylish boots perfect for walking and mucking out the yard to keeping you comfortable in the saddle. Check out how to clean your leather riding boots.