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How To Clean English Riding Boots

Join Keir as she discusses how to clean English riding boots. Taking good care of your riding boots will keep them looking great and help preserve the life of your boot. Use a soft to medium brush as necessary on your English boots. For very dirty boots, you may need to use a quality leather cleaner, but stay away from household cleaners like alcohol because these could damage the boot. If you English riding boots become wet or saturated, remove the insole and put an absorbent towel (like a paper towel) on the inside of the boot. Keep your boots away from direct heat and let them dry naturally. Don't forget your zippers; they should be cleaned regularly to remove any sand or grit. You'll also want to condition your English riding boots: start with a cloth and a small amount of leather conditioner. Once you're done with the conditioner, apply a leather polish. Finally, use a soft cloth or brush and buff to achieve a nice shine.