Women’s Farm Work Wear Style Guide

Join us as we uncover the essential wardrobe items in women’s agricultural workwear. Stay comfortable, warm, and dry as you work with our expertise.

Working outside in the yard or on the farm can be hard work, so finding the right clothing to tackle your outdoor work is absolutely essential to staying comfortable and protected. Working outdoors also comes with the unique factor of seasonality, so we are here to help you find the best farm work wear for all seasons; featuring winter warmers and light summer layers, as well as some essential pieces that can be worn all-year-round.

Best Farm Work Wear Tops

With constantly changing weather conditions, it is important to find the best kind of clothing to keep you comfortable, warm, and dry regardless of the weather forecast or season. Whether you’re facing snow and sleet or a hot summer day, finding the best work tops for farm workers is an essential.

At Ariat, we think that the best route for securing your farm work wardrobe is to build it up with layers. When you’re searching for work tops for outdoor work, look for items you can layer for flexible wear all-year-round.

From Ariat’s collection, a great place to start is the Rebar Workman Logo T-Shirt, available in a few different colours. Featuring mesh ventilation panels and moisture-wicking fabric to help you to stay comfortable working all day, these women’s work t-shirts are designed for practical wear. With a relaxed fit and wearable colour designs, you can rest assured that you’ll also look great.

To layer up with this top, why not go with a farm wear classic – the flannel shirt? Part of the Ariat collection is the Rebar Flannel DuraStretch Work Shirt, which has the appearance of a classic flannel shirt with hidden workwear features. Pair this with an undershirt for winter warmth all day long.

Best Farm Work Trousers & Jeans

Durability and wearability are primary when it comes to finding the right work trousers for women working outdoors. You want long-lasting comfort, so looking for options with functional features and specially designed fabrics is a great place to start. As well as the fabric construction, you should keep an eye out for practical features like secure pockets and reinforced panels to help you get your work done with ease.

For casual comfort on dry days, a practical and stylish option for women’s work trousers are the Rebar DuraStretch Riveter jeans from Ariat, available in both straight leg and boot cut styles. These jeans are designed to be twice as durable than standard jeans, with DuraStretch fabric for flexibility and comfort. With handy utility pockets included, these jeans look great and make your working day easier than ever.

For a more traditional outdoor work trouser style, the Rebar DuraStretch Ripstop Cargo Straight Leg Pants have all the benefits of DuraStretch fabric with additional functional features. Ariat have made sure to include maximum utility in this design, with Velcro-closure pockets and ripstop panels for extended durability.

Best Farm Hoodies & Sweatshirts

Staying warm when working outdoors is a serious business – not only is it much more pleasant to be warm while you work, but it is also important for your safety that you’re not putting your body under too much stress for prolonged periods of time. So, finding warm outer layers for chilly mornings and evenings throughout the winter months is essential. Stock up on hoodies and sweatshirts to throw on over your tops and t-shirts for that extra boost of warmth when you need it.

In addition to warmth and comfort, what else should you look for? Secure zip or Velcro pockets might be a useful feature, along with technology-boosted fabric designs for heat.

A favourite option from Ariat is the Rebar Graphic Hoodie, available in a range of colours to suit your personal style. It features a classic kangaroo pocket giving that traditional hoodie style, as well as the unbeatable practicality of water-repellence built in. The mobility and weather-resistance this hoodie offers makes it an essential for your work kit.

Best Farm Work Coats & Jackets

There are a few different options when it comes to outerwear for working outdoors, especially when you’re looking for jackets you can wear at different times of year and in different weather conditions. You might be shopping for warming, light layers for chilly mornings; you might need a heavily insulated jacket for long winter nights; or perhaps you simply need a waterproof over-jacket for rainy days all-year-round.

With insulation and cosy warmth a priority in the colder months, as well as on chillier summer mornings, finding the perfect layer to keep you warm can be tricky. We recommend looking for a versatile work jacket that combines insulation with lightness, so that you’re not weighed down. Depending on the time of year, you might prefer a fleece lined jacket, for a light layer; a gilet, for warming your core whilst keeping you mobile; or a fully insulated coat.

One of Ariat’s more comprehensively weather-proofed outerwear options is the Rebar Storm Fighter 2.0 Waterproof Jacket, which is also available in the men’s range. It is designed to protect you against chill, moisture, and abrasion, which should comfortably see you through anything the British weather throws at you! The sleek design features durability, easy movement, adjustable features, and fleece lined pockets for snuggly warmth. It really is an essential women’s coat for outdoor work.

For something a little lighter on less intensely cold and rainy days, we recommend our Rebar Cloud 9 Insulated Jacket. It offers water-resistance to keep you dry in drizzle, as well as insulation for lightweight warmth throughout the milder months. This makes a great layering work jacket for women, as you can wear it without fear of reducing your mobility in the yard.