Five Ways to Wear Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots and the Western style has become a defining look over the past couple of years, and there are plenty of beautiful cowboy boots on the market to add to your collection. So, finding your Western style essentials is the easy bit – but how do you style cowboy boots?

From casual to formal, authentic to modern, there is a whole world of options when it comes to wearing and styling cowboy boots. If you’re wondering what to wear with your cowboy boots there are so many choices, and you probably have most of these pieces in your wardrobe already.

To help you make the most of your boots, here are five ways to wear cowboy boots in five different styles

Western: With Bootcut Jeans

The clue is in the name: bootcut jeans were made to be paired with boots, and what could be better to elevate your Western aesthetic than a Western boot? Given that they are such a statement piece, it can be tricky to know how to wear Western boots, but the best way is often the simplest. Pairing cowboy boots with bootcut jeans is a great way to get the biggest impact from both items and to create an overarching look that hangs together seamlessly.

Which style of cowboy boot suits this look best?

When it comes to bootcut jeans, it depends on the exact fit as to whether you can pair them with tall cowboy boots. We recommend mid-height Western boots for pairing with bootcut jeans to be sure that you have a comfortable fit. Make sure your chosen boots have design elements towards the front of the boot so your Western aesthetic can be admired from below the jeans.

Feminine: With a skirt

Cowboy boots are a statement item – they really draw sartorial focus down to the shoe and can act as the basis of a great outfit. So, when the attention is on the bottom half of your outfit, why not really go for it? You can pair cowboy boots with skirts of any length or style – from a mini-skirt to a denim maxi skirt. Perfect for adapting to any season, boots trump trainers, pumps, or sandals as a footwear pairing. A simple skirt (or a bold one – whatever your preference!) combined with a classic pair of cowboy boots? You’ve got yourself a timeless outfit.

Which style of cowboy boot suits this look best?

Bare legs give you a blank canvas to pair your skirt with any kind of Western boot. If you want to keep it simple, or cooler on warmer days, then this is a perfect idea for something to wear with short cowboy boots.

If you’re feeling bolder, a skirt is a great item to pair your boldest, most extravagant cowboy boots with. We recommend tall Western boots with intricate designs, in colours to complement the rest of your outfit.

Summer: With denim shorts

Perfect for getting outside into nature in the summer, Western boots pair excellently with denim shorts for a cute and casual outfit. A good pair of Western boots are a wardrobe staple for all seasons, so making the most of the comfortable fit, temperature control design, and unique aesthetic is a great idea.

From boot cut jeans in the colder months to classic denim cut-offs in summer, there’s no need to retire your cowboy boots over the warmer months. The best thing about this timeless style template is that you can match it with pretty much anything on top – from embroidered blouses and crop tees to linen and plaid shirts.

Which style of cowboy boot suits this look best?

Just like with mini skirts, denim shorts give you a lot of aesthetic flexibility and a lot of leg to work with. For knee-length shorts, mid-height or ankle cowboy boots may be a better choice for you. For shorter denim shorts, go for the bold look and pair your most fun, adventurously designed, tall cowboy boots to really show them off!

Formal: With a relaxed-fit suit

Who says Western footwear can only be casual? On formal occasions, you can look your best with a little Western flair by pairing a relaxed-fit suit with cowboy boots of all kinds. Formal suits are a fantastic unisex look, offering a touch of classic masculinity to a comfortable outfit that is appropriate for special occasions. With a relaxed-fitting suit, you can pair black or brown based cowboy boots with a monochrome suit by matching the colour palette of design motifs on your boots. For example, brown boots with blue stitching would pair stylishly with a pastel blue suit for a comfortable, chic formal look.

Which style of cowboy boot suits this look best?

Depending on how loose-fitting the trousers are, you could pair any height of cowboy boots with a formal look. For a relaxed outfit, a square-toe boot can add an angular aspect to your style. Other than that, make sure that design details can be seen from the lower part of the boot – you don’t want to hide the Western aesthetic!

Weekend: With jeans and a jacket

For that effortless, laid-back weekend style, nothing can beat a classic pair of straight-leg jeans, an oversized blazer, and a pair of simple cowboy boots. Whether you’re going out for brunch, going on a country walk, spending time with family, or doing some shopping, this is a timeless outfit comprised of timeless pieces.

Depending on the plan for the day, you can swap a blazer for a warmer puffer jacket, a waterproof rain mac, or even a bold racing jacket for extra style points. The key here is a pair of simple straight jeans plus your favourite pair of cowboy boots, courtesy of Ariat.

Which style of cowboy boot suits this look best?

The height of your boots for this look depends entirely on one question – do you tuck your jeans into your Western boots? If you love the tucked look, then go ahead and pair this outfit with your favourite tall cowboy boots. However, if you prefer to let your jeans sit outside of your boots, then we would suggest an ankle Western boot style so as not to interrupt the flow of the denim or create any discomfort.