Ariat's Earth Day Initiative

At Ariat, we are committed to becoming more eco-friendly one step at a time. We value our deep connections with the outdoors – from the materials we use in our products to the members of our community who spend their days outside. Since our founding, we have emphasised the importance of developing products that stand the test of time. Being resourceful, responsible, and respectful remains a focal point for us today as we expand our sustainability initiatives. Discover our Earth Day initiatives and how we strive to produce sustainable clothing that can be worn and loved for longer.

“We are constantly working to understand the environmental impact of our business and put into practice new initiatives that allow Ariat to operate more sustainably. We want to take care of the outdoors so we can continue to enjoy it.” – Roxanne Woodward, Sr. Manager Compliance & Sustainability


Ariat has committed to new production practices that dye denim using 50% less water than more traditional methods. Our H2Lo programme has already saved more than 2.7M gallons of water, and we’re working with several production partners to increase the number of denim products produced through this program. Traditionally, water is used at nearly every step of the process, from growing the cotton to create the denim material to dyeing and laundering a pair of jeans until they are the perfect colour wash.


Ariat strives to use materials that are less harmful to the planet. Here are a few of our programmes that focus on sustainable materials, eco fabrics and planet friendly finishes:

  • We are a member of the Leather Working Group, a non-profit that creates protocols for assessing and improving environmental practices in leather manufacturing.
  • EcoDry™ waterproof technology provides a moisture repellent finish without the use of harmful chemicals that can end up in water systems or the human body.
  • Ariat’s bluesign® clothing items carry a third-party bluesign® label to certify production in facilities that go above and beyond to protect the health of the people producing each product.
  • We have partnered with BLOOM™ to create an outsole made from surplus algae, which is otherwise harmful to certain ecosystems.



We encourage our community to join us in our efforts to curb the use of chemicals and the increase of waste in our landfills. If you’re looking for a place to start here are a few suggestions from our team:

  1. Be considerate with your purchases. Buy high-quality products and take care of them so that they last many years instead of just one season.
  2. Rehome gently used or unworn items. If you are ready to part ways with something in your closet, rather than throwing it away, try and find a second home through a clothing swap with friends or a resale site.
  3. Responsibly dispose of well-loved pieces. If your favourite shirt or pair of trousers have been worn to the point that it is no longer useful to anyone, make sure you find a way to responsibly dispose of it. Many programmes will recycle clothes and other items for you and give them a second life beyond your closet.