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How to Find the Right Pair of Cowgirl Boots

If you’ve ever had a pair of cowgirl boots, then you know they fit differently than regular shoes.  Below we review three key considerations when choosing a cowboy boot: toe shape, heel height and overall fit.

What Toe Shape is Right for You?

Cowgirl boots come in a variety of toe shapes, from the classic pointed J toe, to the completely rounded U toe. Whether you choose square toe cowgirl boots or round toe cowgirl boots comes down to both function and fashion. Pointed toes may be better for riding, but some cowgirls find the fit too narrow. If you want a narrow, but not too narrow of a toe, snip toes have a tapered look with either a square tip (D toe) or round tip (R toe).

Heel Height and Style

The traditional Western boot heel is angled and one to two inches tall. The roper heel, on the other hand, is leveled and an inch tall or less. If your boots are for made for walking, consider sticking with a lower heel. If you’re spending time in the saddle, a two inch heel is preferred. Heels over two inches tall are more for turning heads than riding or roping.

Finding the Right Fit

To help you pick out cowgirl boots that fit perfectly, here are a few tips when trying them on. First, wear the right socks, usually boot socks. Second, after you slide the boots on, make sure the balls of your feet sit in the sweet spot, the widest part of the cowboy boot. The boots should feel comfortable right away, with slight pressure across the top of the shoe. The leather will stretch some over time, but the boots should seem custom-made for you. Check the boot length by placing your thumb horizontally across the tip. If your big toe is just beneath your thumb, then the size is right. When walking, you should feel about a quarter to a half of an inch of space between your heel and the insole. This heel slippage will lessen as the leather and insole break in.

Comfort Matters

We’ve all had a pair of shoes that fit right, but were uncomfortable even after we broke them in. The good news is that all Ariat cowgirl boots are designed with comfort in mind. Advanced footbed support like ATS®, and outsole technologies like Pro Crepe®, make for the most stable, reliable, and wearable cowboy boots around. Add to this lasting durability and eye-catching appeal, your Ariat women’s cowboy boots are destined to become go-to favorites.