Training Day with Swiss Olympic athlete Felix Vogg

May 22, 2017

On 18 April, a group of 10 ambitious Class E-L proficiency-level eventers had the opportunity to participate in a cross-country training day at the Gut Weiherhof estate in Radolfzell. The limited number of slots was filled by participants who had applied online in advance.

Felix Vogg, our Ariat brand ambassador and World Cup winner, is one of the top Swiss eventers, and his participation in the Olympic Games last year marked the fulfilment of a childhood dream. After completing training stints with Michael Jung and Dirk Schrade, he recently returned to his parents' estate, Gut Weiherhof.

Each training session began with a short discussion during which Felix interviewed the riders, focusing on their previous experiences in eventing. During the lesson, Felix concentrated on each rider-horse combination and had them carry out individual tasks. The start of each lesson focused on dressage work out in the grounds before moving on to jumping the first fences, initially from a trot. After some warm-up jumps, the participants mainly trained on the large Vogg family water complex. During the process, Felix made a point of ensuring that the horses gained confidence in the water complex before taking on the water obstacles.



Riders, trainers and spectators alike noticed significant improvements in each pair throughout the training session. Last but not least, the participants had the chance to get to know Felix’s horses better during a lunch-break tour of the picture-perfect Vogg family riding facility.



Felix Vogg has been enthusiastic about the idea of an Ariat Training Day from the start, and hopes that his tips will help the participants as they continue to develop their horses.

It was a successful event all around, one that participants are not likely to forget any time soon!