Emily Llewellyn (GBR)

Emily Llewellyn (GBR)

Discipline - Eventing

Hometown - Wormley, East Sussex

Number of years riding - 24

Main career accomplishments to date:

  • • Only rider to have ever represented GB in 8 consecutive Youth Europeans.
  • • Only rider to have ever won the U16, U18, U21 and U25 National Championships.
  • • Winning double gold at the Young Rider Europeans.
  • • Winning the best U25 prize at Badminton and Burghley.

Tell us about your first horse/pony

Eros - so old and gentle that I used to climb all over him and the fastest we ever went was a walk. I was very, very young!

How did you get started in your discipline?

My mum evented to top level, so I was around horses when I was young and loved it!

Mentor/idol when growing up?

My mum mostly and then I looked up to people at the top of the sport as well as in other sports. Now I think that Michael Jung, Marcus Ehning, Beezie Madden and Charlotte Dujardan are all amazing!

Proudest career moment?

Winning double gold on Pardon Me II at the Young Rider Europeans.

Why do you ride?

I love horses and I love the life.

If you weren”t a professional rider, what would you be?

Probably an architect or a lawyer or something like that, I have always had lots of interests outside of horses and did a degree in Business, it's just that horses were always my main passion!

Favourite holiday destination:

Anywhere hot with a beach and a pool, although I enjoy skiing too!

How do you unwind?

X Factor and Glee!

Do you have a good luck charm, and if so, what is it?

I”ve always had the same belt, ever since I was 12 years old and did my first BE event, so I don't know if it is lucky but I have done every event of my career in it! (It”s very bling, I love it!)

Favourite Ariat product?

Where do we start! I love the Monaco Boots for competitions because I think they look super smart and elegant, and I absolutely love the Volants for all other riding and training, they are so comfortable. You feel like you are wearing trainers - they are amazing!