Exclusive Collab: Ariat x Sendero Provisions Co.

A bold new collection embodying the Spirit of the West and the Soul of the Wild.


Deep in the heart of Texas, there's a spirit that runs deep – one of hard work, tradition, and pushing boundaries. It's the very essence of the Lone Star State, and the driving force behind Sendero Provisions Co., an ultra-cool apparel and accessories brand based in Waco.

Sendero has embodied this bold spirit from the very beginning. Since its inception, the brand has been crafting top-tier hats and other essentials, drawing inspiration from the rich landscapes and diverse cultures of the American West and adding a modern, playful twist. Their commitment to craftsmanship and fun designs caught our eye, and we knew a collaboration was in the cards. Like Sendero, Ariat has true Western spirit running through our veins, and when we joined forces, it was a perfect pairing.

In cahoots with Sendero Provisions Co., we're excited to introduce the Ariat x Sendero collection. This exclusive collaborative collection captures the essence of Western spirit on your favorite Ariat products, combining the best of our Western roots with Sendero's adventurous designs.

Sendero's Texas Roots: A Passion for the Outdoors

Sendero Provisions Co. blazed its trail back in 2014 when Hunter Harlow, better known as "El Jefe," drew inspiration from his globe-trotting adventures as a geologist. He started by creating national park hats that hid topographic details under the brim and aptly named the company "Sendero," which translates to "path" or "trail" in Spanish. It's the perfect word to describe the brand's ongoing journey of exploration and discovery in the heart of Texas and the vast Western wilderness.

As Sendero's collection expanded, it remained rooted in its origins. It all started with that very first hat, a love letter to the West and its awe-inspiring landscapes. Since then, Sendero has transformed into a brand that's all about crafting top-notch gear while staying true to its spirit and coloring outside the lines.

In Cahoots with Ariat

Brought to life in collaboration with the untraditional artists and adventurers at Sendero Provisions Co., the Ariat x Sendero collection infuses a bold, adventurous spirit into classic Ariat gear. From rugged boots and ultra-cushy Hilos with desert-vibey prints to a denim jacket decked out with colorful skeleton embroidery, the entire collection is a playful nod to the Spirit of the West and the Soul of the Wild. You can also find fun graphic tees, hoodies, and snap shirts with the same Sendero style. These pieces give your beloved Ariat essentials a cool edge, whether you're out riding, gathered around the campfire, hitting the lake, or on a mission to satisfy your taco cravings – you get the idea.