Kathrin Müller (GER)

Kathrin Müller (GER)

Discipline - Show jumping

Hometown - Wickede (GER)

Number of years riding - 25 years at least…

Main career accomplishments to date:

  • • 4th place GP Wiener Neustadt (AUT) 2014
  • • 3rd place Championat of Offenburg (GER) 2014
  • • 6th place German Championships Balve (GER) 2014
  • • Winner Finals at the German Championships Balve (GER) 2013
  • • Silver medal German Championships 2012
  • • 3rd place GP Munich (GER) 2012
  • • 3rd place GP Lamprechtshausen (AUT) 2012
  • • Winner Nations Cup Sopot(POL) and Linz (AUT)

Tell us about your first horse/pony:

Her name was Sandra and she was a Shetland pony mare. She looked a bit like Pippi Longstocking”s horse! My mum always went for a walk with my younger brother in his buggy and me on the lead rein. My father said once: “This pony is so nice; you could take her to church.” So I tried that together with a friend of mine and it worked!

How did you get started in your discipline?

I always wanted to jump. But I fell off all the time because most of my ponies were not really sold on this whole jumping thing! So I rode a bit more dressage to start with. I won my first 1.10 class when I was 10 years of age on my father”s horse, who really looked after me.

Mentor/idol when growing up?

There are a lot of idols… John Whitaker, Meredith, Marcus Ehning, Hugo Simon etc. My father and my trainers (Thomas Schepers, Alois Pollmann-Schweckhorst and Mathias Stieve) have always been my biggest mentors.

Proudest career moment?

Jumping a double clear and finishing 3rd in the GP of Munich. My horse Shakespeare tried his heart out for me.

Why do you ride?

First of all I love the feeling of building up trust with a horse, working together with such a sensitive being, getting the feeling that your horse is really fighting for you in the ring. And of course I like the challenge of competing with the other riders in a fair contest, continuously having to raise your game and the feeling that the hard work pays off if you win!

If you weren”t a professional rider, what would you be?

I studied Sports and Event Management, so I would for sure be working in that interesting sector.

Where is your favourite holiday destination?

The Maldives! :-)

How do you unwind?

Difficult! ;-) But I love having a glass of wine with my best friends, reading a book and doing gymnastics.

Do you have a good luck charm, and if so, what is it?

A particular bracelet and necklace that I got from my boyfriend.

What is your favourite Ariat product?

Ariat boots!! Ariat shoes!! Ariat chaps!! Ariat jackets!! Ariat breeches!! Ariat gloves!! Ariat jumpers!! In fact, I like everything from Ariat because it always looks so good, fits me very well and is of such high quality.