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Event in which you compete:Bareback

Hometown: Porum, OK, USA

Number of years riding: 19 years

Career accomplishments to date: 

  • • 2007 NFR Highest ride arena record 91.5
  • • 2008 NFR Average Record 859 points
  • • 2008 World Champion
  • • 2005 PRCA Rookie of the Year
  • • 2007 Ariat Playoffs Champion
  • • Three-Time NFR Qualifier


How you got started in your event: I started running barrels when I was just two. My mom and dad trained racehorses, and both had rodeoed a little, so there were always horses around and I loved them

Favorite Ariat Product: Exotic (Caiman or Ostrich) Boots

Proudest career moment: When I won the Worlds in 2008.

Tell us about your first horse:My first horse was a Shetland. His name was Easy Jet, and he was the meanest horse you have ever seen. I would take him to the rodeos to ride in the grand entries, and he would buck the whole way. I had to carry a whip. He was 38 inches tall.

If you weren’t a professional rider, you would be a: Professional baseball player.

You ride because: I love it!

Favorite mentor or idol growing up: Ty Murray

Favorite place to travel:Out West where there is nothing.

Name one fun fact that people don’t know about you:I never eat the end of my French fries.

Favorite way to unwind outside of the barn: Going home to my own house. Being in the middle of nowhere, away from everything and everybody.

Good luck charm:I don’t believe in good luck. I believe in opportunity.